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Winter Windshield Ice Cover Protection

Winter Windshield Ice Cover Protection

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Are you dreading the icy, freezing windshields that accompany winter weather? This SnowGo Winter Windshield Cover is an absolute must-have for anyone who parks their car outside during cold weather. With its lightweight, one-pound design and simple setup process, this cover is perfect for any car owner. By protecting your windshield from ice and heavy snow, this cover allows you to get on the road sooner. Plus, it ensures your windshield will be clean and clear when you remove the cover. The SnowGo Winter Windshield Cover universal fit makes it ideal for any car model, so no hassle of finding the correct size — it’s guaranteed to fit! Don't let winter weather leave you stranded – invest in a SnowGo Winter Windshield Cover today!



Item Length: 81 inches

Item Width: 27.5 inches

Special Features: Sunshade & Snow Cover

Item Weight: 0.2 lbs

Item Thickness: 0.2 inch

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