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3 x 125ml Jumbo Colgate Advanced White ⚪ (New & Sealed)

3 x 125ml Jumbo Colgate Advanced White ⚪ (New & Sealed)

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Whiter Teeth in 10 Days! Colgate Advanced White with active micro-cleansing crystals is clinically proven to gently
polish and effectively whiten your teeth. It helps prevent new stains from adhering so your teeth stay whiter for longer.
The dual cleaning system removes 10x more surface stains than regular fluoride toothpaste. This toothpaste is gentle
and enamel safe for daily use, helps freshen breath, fights cavities and removes plaque
Clinically Proven Whiter Teeth
Micro-cleansing Crystals
Fights Cavities & Removes Plaque

Tube size 125ml

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